Data Stewardship

Joint Health Data Governance Council

The Joint Health Data Governance Council (JHDGC) is comprised of members of the University and Yale New Haven Health.  The JHDGC is responsible for ensuring clinical information is handled in accordance with federal and state requirements as well as the ethical expectation of our patients and the unique needs of an academic medical center.  The Council is responsible for:

  •  Development of standards for disclosure of clinical information collected or created in the course of providing clinical care and maintained in systems that are jointly operated by Yale University and Yale New Haven Health System. 
  • Reviewing, approving or denying data requests based on the to be developed standards

The Council is sponsored by the YNHHS System Compliance Committee and the Yale University Offices of the General Counsel and Provost.  

Guidance on Requests to Share Health Data with External Entites

Yale Administrative Data Governance

Yale Administrative Data Governance seeks to provide a thoughtful and consistent framework for the management of institutional data that will enable responsible use of data, improve data quality, document data lineage,  protect data assets, and promote data literacy.

More information is available at:  Administrative Data Governance